2 years ago


If you are up to date on the blog or have been following my photos on instagram you’ll notice that I never changed my sandals once in Hawaii. I packed multiple pairs in anticipation of wanting to mix it up but once these babies hit the pavement (should I say sand?) there was no swapping them out. I am not one to push anything on anyone but these sandals have become a new favorite / borderline obsession. I love Ancient Greek Sandals for many reasons the top three being their style, their price, and their durability. I have worn this pair non stop from China, to Turks and Caicos, to Istanbul never once having to complain about blisters, fit, or durability, to say I love them is an understatement.

2 years ago

Everyone has their basic style preferences and comfort zones when it comes to both personal style and home decor. This remains wholly true for me, except, whenever I travel I start to favor styles and decor of the specific environment. While spending time in Hawaii I’ve realized that I can not get enough palm, banana leaf, and pineapple motifs. Below are a few of my favorites to make you wardrobe and home feel a little more tropical!


palm clutch. pineapple key chain. tray. gold pineapple. bikini top & bottom. pineapple napkin. earrings. stir sticks. candle. swell bottles